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Havas Village Ukraine is a group of seamlessly integrated marketing and communications agencies. For 30 years, we have been finding the optimal path to consumers, drawing upon global experience, innovation, and creativity. The group includes agencies such as Havas Ukraine, Havas PR, Havas Engage, Havas Digital Kyiv, and Forward Media. As part of the global Havas Group network, we create "meaningful brands" by establishing a deep connection between human values and consumer values with the brand's values.
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Yurii Kohutiak

A firm believer in the immense power of creativity and the brains of our team, he has an entire 25 years of field-specific experience under his belt. It was he who founded Havas Creative Group Ukraine in 2004. We’ve grown a lot since then. Our group currently includes 6 agencies, each with its own expertise: creative, branding, digital, marketing, PR and media. We created the Ukrainian Havas Village combining our 360° strategy with creative and media brought under one roof. Pouring their hearts and souls into what they do, our teams relish their everyday work and create projects that help businesses win consumers' hearts.

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Nataliia Morozova

An advertising market expert with 16 years of experience in the field, she is responsible for Havas Creative Group Ukraine's overarching development strategy and our communication with advertising industry companies. Her management is breathtaking, and so is she!

havas Digital Kyiv
Managing Partner
Denys Lohvynenko

Viber stickers are talking in Tina Karol's voice! Oleksii Durniev releases a collab with an old hag next door and Freud! Shazam opens up to advertising opportunities in Ukraine and changes logo colour to yellow! Whaaaat?! Has TikTok just announced the launch of ad campaigns for Ukrainian brands?? The list of the turbo-charged projects launched by Havas Digital Kyiv is longer than your Facebook feed. Well, we're not really sure about that. But what we do know is that business is nothing nowadays without digital, and if you need a first-class project, Havas Digital Kyiv is your best choice!

havas Ukraine & Kyiv Design
Managing Director
Svitlana Lobanova

Havas Ukraine is the flagship creative agency of the group. They have been in the industry since 1994 and believe that creativity is the key to adapting to changes and overcoming challenges. They see creative marketing as a tool that helps their clients' businesses grow under different circumstances.
They create creative ideas, brand strategies, visual branding (logo, identity, packaging, etc.), and experience design (improving the customer experience of a brand through product and service enhancements and workspace improvements).

havas Engage
Managing Director
Volodymyr Zborovskyi

‘What does Havas Engage do?’ you might ask. In three words: integrated marketing communications. Large-scale ad campaigns, sponsorships, nation-wide promotions, and trade marketing programmes—they know all these things inside out! They have even developed a SaaS platform of their own—Engager. It enables online planning, analysis, and monitoring for field projects of any scale—all neatly organized in one place. The agency also includes the Havas Events division that tackles organizing events of every kind.

havas PR Ukraine
Managing Partner
Olesya Stoyko

We are the Havas PR team that helps companies become well-known and loved. As part of an international group, we understand the importance of staying ahead of changes, so we constantly study and implement global trends into our projects. We skillfully and harmoniously combine traditional PR methods with cutting-edge technologies, creating effective strategies for your business. Our experts know how to captivate the audience, ignite a spark of interest that will turn into a real flame of affection. Because we have done it before. Let's create a story together that will attract people's hearts to your brand!

havas Forward Media
Managing Partner
Andrii Krolenko

Why keep creative and media separate if you have Forward Media? According to our agency's specialists, the best campaigns are born from the synergy of creative and media. Armed with the latest global research and media approaches of the worldwide advertising group that is Havas, they create projects that propel their clients' businesses into the stratosphere!

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