Food for business — food for the brain.

Food for business — food for the brain.


Gudfood is the leading company in Kyiv and area specialising in cooking and providing office workers with high quality meals. The company decided to change and redesign the meal packages in order to maintain its commitment to use eco-friendly materials.


Having lunch and checking a smartphone have become inseparable activities. Based on that observation, we offered an interactive design concept. Our team connected those activities on a meal pack. How? We’ve placed a QR code on the meal pack which leads to the specially developed Gudfood webpage with various short facts.  Now, everyone can have a great meal and feed the brain with short interesting highlights the Gudfood webpage has to offer.  To integrate the idea into design, we’ve created meal packages in the book style. Gudfood — is food for business and food for the brain.  


Agency – Havas Kyiv Design
Mykhailo Holovachko — Head of Design