Activation for Ice Dragon energy drink

Activation for Ice Dragon energy drink


To support the launch of the new Ice Dragon energy drink by Dragon before the high season for the non-alcoholic carbonated drinks.


The launch of the new product was planned for April–May 2019. So how could we not to associate it with the final season of the Game of Thrones! Especially when there is a blue dragon on the new Ice Dragon label. We knew for sure that our target audience were «traditionalists», and changes in their world always lead to the question: «Bah, why the hell to change anything? It was still okay!» And we decided that the show characters, the White Walkers, should answer this question. Indeed, in the new season, they also have a new Ice Dragon! So, the main question is: «Why would you need a new dragon?»

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Agency – Havas Digital
Creative Director — Aleksei Morozov
Copywriter — Andrii Chernichenko
Art Director — Yasha Bozhko
Account director — Elena Nekrasova

Production – Brave Film
Director/Edit/VFX- Indy Hait
DoP – German Shobukhov
EX Prododucer – Anton Reznichenko
Makeup – Julia Melnik
Style – Olga Trofymchuk