Jacobs at the Eurovision

Jacobs at the Eurovision


In 2017, Jacobs became an official partner of the Eurovision contest. Our team developed the communication project concept and was responsible for the festive atmosphere in the Eurovision Village in Kyiv and Lviv.


Coffee has always been a symbol of hospitality, so the Jacobs national project started under the slogan ‘Ukraine invites for a coffee’ to invite everyone who wants to enjoy Eurovision together into the Eurovision Village. The record 417,000 of people in Kyiv and 7,000 in Lviv visited Jacobs fan zones in response to the project's slogan. And it was a sight to behold, indeed! Over 10,000 clouds adorned the Kyiv sky, and 2,300 hearts soared up over the Lviv's Old City. Moreover, one could not only see and taste coffee and enjoy its aroma on Eurovision 2017—you could actually hear it! We transformed the Jacobs green cup, it gave it voice, integrating a theremin in it. Numerous musicians used this exciting musical instrument to showcase their talent, accompanied by instrumental bands.


Agency — Havas Engage
Kyrylo Chystiakov — Creative Director
Olha Kasianenko — Account Director
Olena Honcharevska-Yukhova — Art Director
Kostiantyn Melnykov — Copywriter