digital activation for Lion

digital activation for Lion


To support the launch of the new Lion Wild Peanuts bar off-season (in the summer, when the interest in chocolate bars is lower), involving opinion leaders.


To reiterate the wild temper of the brand, we decided to build a promo in the most popular among the target audience forms of Versus Battle and fighting games. To do this, we invited a famous Ukrainian blogger Anton Murafa and an opinion leader Aleksey Durnev and made them the fighting game characters. Throughout the promo, the users were giving them tasks which they were supposed to perform as wildly as possible! The users voted for completing assignments on a special website to find out who was cooler. The winner received a prize: a bathroom full of 10,000 Lion Wild Peanuts bars!

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Aleksei Morozov – Creative Director
Anastasiya Kunts – Art Director
Inna Mazura – Sr. Copywriter
Olena Nekrasova – Sr. Account Manager