commercial for Żubrówka

commercial for Żubrówka


As soon as the brand becomes successful, it is ruthlessly copied. It happened to Żubrówka, too. We were given the task of dealing with fakes!


We didn’t scream “fakes are bad,” we shot a commercial featuring them! For filming, we invited the doubles of Angelina Jolie, Jason Statham and Johnny Depp. In general, fakes were advertising fakes! And, of course, like all the fakes, our stars were not so great… It was immediately noticed on social media, and there was a flurry of fake hating. This is how we managed to raise the issue of fakes as effectively as possible and delivered the campaign message: “Fakes are needed to remind us of the original. Real Żubrówka is only from Poland!”

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Creative Director – Aleksei Morozov
Senior Creator – Yulia Borgulenko
Designer – Andrei Kidenko
Senior Account Manager – Alena Goraschuk
Account Manager – Arina Badyka